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Susana Lindsay


Welcome to my blog, my soapbox upon which I can stand and pontificate . . . just joking!

This is where I'll share my thoughts and experiences with you, where you can follow my ups and downs, and where I'd also welcome your ideas. You won't find me on facebook or twitter or any other social media at this time because I like privacy and continuity of thought. Social media appears quite fragmented. I'd also like to share photos and pictures with you. They would no longer belong to me if I posted them on facebook. If policies change, I shall too.

I like gardens, landscapes and NASA photos of space, so I expect you'll be seeing a lot of those, especially my garden throughout the seasons. In the photo above, the Japanese maple is wearing its autumn colours. If you squint a bit, you'll hardly see the weeds.

I apologise to Americans reading my web site: I use Australian English, and we have different spelling for some words (note 'apologise' above). So you'll find 's' instead of 'z' and, in words such as 'levelling' and 'travelling', a double 'l' rather than a single. There are minor differences in punctuation too, although that could be my general sloppiness.

"What ever we practise, we get better at." That's a quote from one of the characters in Sangha. As I don't want to improve on my capacity for negativity, I'll try to keep my blogs upbeat. However, I do reserve the right to a have a good old 'bitch' if I want.

I intend posting a monthly blog to keep you up to date with my next book. I might also elaborate on some of the themes in Sangha, such as meditation and business practices. However, I would like this to be a site for you to share your ideas and suggestions too. Let's have some feedback and, if you enjoyed reading Sangha, please recommend it to your friends.



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